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Rem Diaz
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About me

TLDR; A podcaster/streamer, here to help you play the games you can never find a GM for, teach you new systems, and host an inclusive environment for LGBTQ and POC players. Rem is a longtime storyteller, who wants to help you discover the character that's right for you. She cut her teeth on forum-based freeform roleplaying in the nineties, before discovering the more structured rulesets of D&D and Pathfinder in the early aughts. After more than her fair share of dungeon delves, masquerade breaking Vampire Embraces, and a celestial Exaltation or two, she reached college and began to branch out into the wide world of indie RPGs. Now, when she's not plotting the downfall of her latest fallen princess in a game of For the Honor, she's building the ultimate hodgepodge Frankenstein of a mecha in LANCER. She's always down for trying a new game she's never played before, which has naturally led her into the GM role. After all, if nobody else will run the games she wants, she'll have to do it herself! She has since grown to love crafting a narrative for the players at her table, and helping people figure out the right system for them. In fact, her favorite part of starting a new game was always character creation, so she will gladly work with players to make the character that's right for them! She is also an explicitly LGBTQ+ friendly and POC inclusive GM. She understands how hard it can be to find a welcoming table, and will work her hardest to ensure all players feel comfortable and safe. Rem specializes in teaching players new to a game, and helping you find the right game for you if you are looking to try something new. She's open to all players of any skill and experience levels, and is looking forward to playing with you!

GM style

I tend towards character focused stories. I am not here to punish you for your mistakes, or create "the dark souls of TTRPGs." I'm here to be a fan of you and your characters, and enable cool stuff. That's not to say there won't be consequences, but I'm not the type to make you roll fall damage because you swung from a chandelier to stab the big bad. Due to this, I tend to be character-first setting-second. There will be a world, whether pre-existing or created by me and you, but the focus is your characters. As such, I always request a session 0 to discuss what everybody wants from the campaign, in and out of character. I'm an enabler.


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