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Rein K
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Highly rated for: Voices, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

"From the gardens of the Tyrant God, Wagnar, to the valleys of the dissonant glaves, the roaring waterfalls in the highlands, and the crystalline pools in the Scorched Oasis. Those with pure hearts and good intent will uncover the mysteries that have been lost to time, while those corrupted with malice will war with the guardians of ancient treasures. Adventure is laid before you, and yet... I see that you are still skeptical. Given the circumstances, I can't blame you. how could it be that such wonders exist? Stay with me little one and I will show you that goodness and light can grow in even the darkest of caverns. One just needs to know where to look." If you enjoy story-driven role play, then join me in a collaborative story where a party of adventurers overcome insurmountable difficulties and trials. I have about 5 years of experience as a DM and though I haven't published anything I consider myself a writer and story maker. I'm really good at doing character voices and do my best to give each character a unique personality. While I personally enjoy Role Play and Puzzles the most I also really like it when players ask for a more strategic combat-oriented session. For the most part, I prioritize having fun and coming up with creative solutions over strict adherence to the rules, though I will uphold the rules and provide challenging encounters.

GM style

Story-oriented roleplay and Character developing conflicts. I enjoy the way that DND allows a group of people with different interests and backgrounds to come together and tell a story. I love trying new things!


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