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About me

Hey there, friends - I'm Jake! I'm like a lot of folks in the more recent generation of TTRPG fans that learned about them primarily through collaborative storytelling projects and actual plays, like Friends at the Table, The Adventure Zone, and Critical Role (among others), and I fell in love with the stories and characters that these games can lead to! I started off with a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with some close friends five years ago and got hooked! Since then, I've really found a soft spot for Indie RPG options and narrative or character-focused campaigns. I've also had the opportunity to share my passion for world-building with my close friends through games like A Quiet Year, The Ground Itself, and Microscope, and I'd love to share that kind of experience with you here! As a GM focused on some smaller, Indie games, I've had the opportunity to really dig into onboarding players who are new to systems; when you play with me, we'll approach the table with patience, understanding, and an expert hand to guide our sessions. I've spent a long time learning a ton of games to proficiency, and hundreds of hours listening to them played on my favorite podcasts and streams, so I'm well equipped to answer any and all questions, and help new players learn! As part of the LGBTQ+ community, I'm thrilled to be able to offer a table that prioritizes safety and inclusivity for queer players!

GM style

I love playing a variety of games, and have found that different styles work better for different ones! While tones and focus tend to shift between games, I try to keep some of the same driving principles between all of my games: -Adapting to the table's wants and needs, and making sure that an open and ongoing communication line is open to ensure everyone's having fun! We won't have time to do EVERYTHING in the worlds we play in, so I make an effort to understand what each player finds interesting and try to fit that into gameplay. -Focusing on the narrative first! I love games for the stories we get to tell together, so I tend to prioritize that aspect of the games I host. I love to push my players to roleplay as much as possible, and try my best to help create a comfortable space for doing just that.

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