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About me

I'm an Afro-Caribbean TTRPG lover that started playing with 5E and branched out in a hurry. I've played and loved FATE, Index Card RPG, and Dungeon Crawl Classics to name a few, and bring all the lessons I've leaned and things I love from these systems into my games and overall design philosophy. My start with game design began in the Warcraft 3 World Editor where I realized that crafting and curating experiences for others could be just as fulfilling as playing. Now, almost 20 years later, I've come full circle and leaned fully into the joy of encounter design and world-building for their own sake. My last 3 day jobs have included Urban Farming, City Planning and Capacity Building, and Hurricane Survivor Direct Aid and Advocacy. I was raised with and generally operate out of a sense of community that continually refuels my burning desire to bring about the end of capitalism. I strongly believe in the innate goodness of humans and like to think that TTRPGs are as much games as they are tools for self-reflection. The value of play is severely understated in the eyes of most adults and TTRPGs are a little sacred in the way they allow people to comfortably shed their "adulthood" to reclaim their sense of wonder and adventure for a couple hours at a time. I'm currently designing a lightweight TTRPG system for play in Prisons, Schools, and Nursing Homes that I'll test and launch whenever the pandemic ends. I'm a martial artist, poet, and an artist that will draw when absolutely forced to. My background includes federal disaster management, nonprofit startups, senior advocacy, and youth mentorship. ForeverDM and fine with it. Post-OGL and Hadozee, No longer running DnD5e

GM style

99% of my content is homebrew. Even in published adventures, I believe it is the GM's privilege and responsibility to leave a bit of their creative spark in everything the players will touch. My sessions typically feature a tactical combat encounter and an opportunity to problem-solve, converse, and otherwise explore the world in-character, with very rare exceptions. I primarily play DND 5th Edition, Into the Odd, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and TinyDungeon with varying degrees of experience in FATE, Index Card RPG, Avatar Legends, and Dungeon World. Besides those, I am regularly researching and testing new systems and concepts; this exploration along the spectrum has deeply informed my design philosophy and will often lead to my favorite parts of systems bleeding into games built in others. My games are typically structured around three priorities: Player Agency and Expression, Just Enough Chaos, and Safe Fun. Player agency and expression is the reason I do this: I live for the magical moment when a player realizes that there are no imaginary walls like the ones they're accustomed to from videogames. All my campaigns can be called "sandbox" by most definitions, and my one-shots allow for a reasonably large margin of creative problem-solving. It is one of my greatest joys to workshop how best to reward my players for solving a problem or encounter with a solution I could not forsee and I'm proud of how often it's something I'm tasked with doing. Just Enough Chaos is my love letter to the dice. I strongly believe in the joy of randomness and will take every opportunity to allow things to spiral just a bit out of control. I typically roll for loot and some aspects of an encounter in every session I run and I believe my games are better for the level of unpredictability this practice brings. I combine this practice with my love for improvisation to keep my players engaged and constantly wary of (or flirting with) the chance of catastrophic failure at every turn. And if catastrophic failure is the road we go down, it will be every bit as fun and engaging as a total success. Safe Fun is how we are able to do this thing that we love sustainably. As such, I'll generally start every group with a conversation about who we are and what content could trigger sensitivities, and be sure to tailor games toward player sensibilities. As an anti-capitalist, I strive for equity in all things and despise the tendency that adult life has to grind us down to our most "productive" forms that are so often a desaturated mask we wear to survive our circumstances. I strive for my games to be a place where everyone can be themselves forget about the world outside without fear of judgement or fear of harassment. I say all this to say that I have NO tolerance for bullying or discrimination. Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and intentionally stepping on another player's triggers are not welcome at my tables. I understand and recognize that we are all learning and growing, so there is a measure of grace for earnest mistakes, but bigotry and bullying are not allowed in my games and one of the few places where I take a very hard stance. My goal is an internally consistent world full of believable, if fantastical, characters for players to explore and interact with; they can regularly expect to be asked to describe or explain how their characters do and say things, and in-character roleplay is encouraged. For social encounters, what you choose to say matters just as much as what you roll and will impact dialogue difficulty checks. Playing with me, you'll get a dynamic setting, compelling NPCs with mediocre voices, interesting (and deadly!) tactical combat encounters, and a fun, safe environment where you can enjoy and immerse yourself as a part of a living world.

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