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Josh Sanderford

4 years on StartPlaying

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About me

My name is Josh. I am still relatively new to being the Master of Ceremonies for games. But I still can run a game you will have fun in. If you would like an idea of how I run a game, I have a podcast of me running a D&D game with my kids called Teenagers & Troublemakers. You can find us wherever you listen to podcasts or even YouTube, where I try my hand at animating for the first time. Watch me learn in (sort of) real time! Despite only playing/running tabletop games for a year or two (or more?) I have been interested and reading the books for decades. I'm willing to host and help with many types of games. 7 Wonders, yeah. Munchkin card game, I've done that. Hero Quest... well that game was destroyed by misinformed adults in my youth... but I still remember it!

GM style

Vast majority of my experience is in playing 'Theater of the Mind' style. Due to limitations of my tables and locations. But I still bring in maps, props and the like when I can and it is feasible. So not as much tactical battle maps or minis used in my games for the most part. The benefit being our games being much more 'creative' and flexible in their execution. I do my best to adapt to the table. I can act. Even been paid on occasion, in front of a camera and on a stage! I can do voices. Not the best, but far from the worst. I can go easy. I can make it challenging. Is the group more into hardcore realism or do they want a fun story with less chance of perishing? I can do either. I like to think I do a good/okay job of simplifying complicated subjects. So I work pretty well with those new(ish) to the game(s) and role-playing in general. Most experience I have is with new and younger players. I want everyone to feel comfortable, safe and enjoy their time at the table.


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