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About me

Hi! My name is Spectral and I run a variety of games in Spectrals Megaverse. Playing in Spectrals Megaverse means you get to leave a lasting impression on each universe you play on. Your character will be able to live on for years to come! All of my games are LGBT+ friendly and have multiple options to customize your experience depending on the system we are playing. I am a bisexual woman so I know how hard it can be to find a group that feels welcoming. I strive to create a welcoming atmosphere with every game I run. Playing my games means you will get a healthy dose of combat, roleplaying, and other themes that are dependent on the system we are running. My specialty is mystery and political intrigue but I enjoy many genres. I am open for game requests.

GM style

My game master style is always evolving but there are some things that will always stay the same. First, I prefer roleplay over combat unless the combat for the system is well-designed. With that in mind, I also get a kick out of twisting and changing combat to make it feel more alive and cinematic. Second, descriptions play a big part in the experience I am trying to create for you all. I can adjust my style to provide more or fewer descriptions based on what the party prefers. Third, my final mission is to make things feel as alive as possible. From the towns you visit to the monsters that inhabit the world, I do my best to make everything feel like it has a place to belong. The player experience is extremely important to me. I strive to create games that feel engaging and interactive. When you join the Discord server you will be greeted by other Megaverse players both new and old. There is a semblance of a community here and I love that. We are welcoming to all members of the LGBT+ community. As an LGBT+ player myself, I make sure to include representation in all of my games. If you choose to play with me expect a lot of lore and interconnected stories. The Megaverse is always changing and growing and I like to reflect that in the games we play. Your game could change the fate of the Megaverse forever! So, step in and discover the Megaverse today.

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