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About me

Hello, I am David, the founder of Realms - Creative. My mission is to build universes that are forged and evolved by Players. The flagship "Realm" of Oneon has been constructed for 6+ years, containing a few worlds, many nations, dozens of cities and secrets, and hundreds of enemies and treasures, all within a colorful and complex mythology, with seemingly endless amounts of all original Lore. My plan is to set a series of stories off with a One Shot, set in a world being ravaged by a cosmic entity simply known as "the Beast", at the end of April of '23. After which, I will be running "Mini Shots", set in various eras and locales within the Realms of Oneon, mainly the world of Maljinet, and leading up to an epic conclusion of Cosmic Proportions at the end of '25!! It will start out at low levels, then with each new wave of Mini Shots you might have the chance to bring in an old character to continue their story at a higher level, with other reprized PCs, or... make a new one (who doesn't like making new characters). For the Final Mini Shot, it will center around Only the Most experienced of the reprized PCs, but All of the various other PCs will be invited to pop in for a Cameo for a scene or a session! It will be a glorious TTRPG event!!!

GM style

My GMing style is that of an in-depth immersive storytelling experience in ever-changing worlds, where you are the main characters and I am the Game "Medium" (i.e. the environment in which the story takes place). I run a general balance of RP to combat, but I don't usually do random encounters unless the environment calls for it. The conflicts always have stakes, your actions always have consequences and reactions, and the enemies are almost always Homebrewed, so you'll never know what's coming. The RP I encourage is everything from random BSing, to full blown arguments (between Characters, not Players), to heartfelt moments of bonding. I love to sit back and listen to solid meaningful RP while on mute, munching on Popcorn. Types of Players I love to Accept: Heavy Role-Players, Thinkers, Actors/Voice-Actors, Open-Minded Newbies, Imaginative Problem-Solvers, Sheet-Studiers, and Anyone that has a Love for the Story we tell together.


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