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About me

Hi, my names Ray. I love ttrpgs and really enjoy bringing new players in and trying new systems and games. I got my start running games for my kids and then bringing my spouse and friends in. Now I run home games, an after school game for kids at my local library, and games for people all over the world.

GM style

If you have any lines/veils let me know. I don't allow evil* characters, player initiated torture, violence towards children**, player v player without consent, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia... none of the isms or phobias, respect pronouns, don't be an ass. *This game is about being adventurers. You can be an adventurer for selfish reasons, like fame or wealth, or you can be an adventurer for heroic reasons. Don’t make a character that won’t be an adventurer or who will undermine the adventuring. I don’t mind characters being “evil” per se. You can be someone who is greedy and only wants to benefit themselves. But you have to, for some reason, believe going on adventures is the best way to benefit yourself. The other players should be able to rely on you because you should know that, selfishly, you must rely on them. This type of character might grow into a better person, which could be a really satisfying arc, or the circumstances may change such that it’s no longer beneficial for them to be a helpful member of an adventuring party, which would prompt a conversation about retiring the character. Either way, I’d prefer that over a character who might be good but doesn’t want to go on adventures or engage with quests. **Unless it's obviously a shape changer in the form of a child. My DMing style is pretty loose and I try to focus on what my players enjoy. That said... I run games with a focus on the fiction and narrative and that means I play to the idea that actions have consequences. I only run published adventures and campaigns. I run a story with the characters in that story. The story will happen regardless but the players are the x factor. I am not running murder hobo simulators. I'm a big fan of dnd podcasts and actual plays and I like to put fun as top priority. I run my online games just like I do my home games and try to make everyone feel like they just arrived at my house to play a game. I feel as a GM my strengths are comedy, improv, and adjusting my games to my players. I try to run my games in the ways that my players find most fun. Rp, combat, narrative, etc. I run games in a lot of different rules systems and I do forget rules and get rules wrong sometimes. I'm always happy to be corrected and to fix any mistakes I make though. I also don't do voices.

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