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About me

I love ttrpgs and really enjoy bringing new players in and trying new systems and games. I run two home games for some of my family and friends and I run a DND club at my local library for kids, teens, and adults. All of which I'm GM for. You can custom request any DnD5e or pathfinder2e campaign or any of the game systems for any day or time!

GM style

My DMing style is pretty loose and focuses on what players enjoy most. I'm a big fan of dnd podcasts and actual plays and I like to put fun and character driven story as top priorities. I run my online games just like I do my home games and try to make everyone feel like they just arrived at my house to play a game. I love running games and I try to run my games in the ways that my players find most fun. Rp, combat, narrative etc. I don't generally do voices. My home game doesn't love rules but loves combat and craziness so that's what they get. My adult library group loves the rules and a mix of rp and combat and a more serious tone. My kids library group are all new players and I'm trying to give them a somewhat structured intro to ttrpgs while letting them explore possibilities.


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