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About me

Hi, I'm the Ranting GM, you can call me Matt. I started playing many moons ago with the red basic box and have been GMing pretty solid ever since. I switched to Pathfinder when 4th edition... happened... and have been there ever since. What I've learned over that time is that no matter what game you're playing it's all about the story, the stories you're playing, and the stories you tell afterward. We remember things like a good death (or a spectacular one) more than adventures where everything goes smoothly. When you saved the campaign with a well-timed 20, or almost met disaster with a nat 1. That's what I want my games to be, collaborative storytelling events where, for good or ill, you make memories that last. Technical stuff: I follow the rule of cool, for the most part. Humor and fun are the most important aspects of the game. I went to school for English and Drama. Do I do voices? Sure, it's not really planned they just come out. I like working with players to create the characters they want to play. I like working with new players, whether new to TTRPG's or just Pathfinder. Rules knowledge can be learned, just start with your imagination. I play on Foundry, using Discord (

GM style

I have been told I have a cinematic GMing style with lots of description so everyone can picture what's happening in their mind's eye. But I also incorporate a lot of humour, laughter is important in my games. I appreciate good combats and good role play. The more you invest into your character, the more of your character I invest into the adventure. I combine the rule of cool with rules as written, it's more about what's best for your story.

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