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Player for
10 years
GM for
9 years
Hosted over
11 games

About me

Been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 8-9 years now with a vast majority of my experience being as a GM. I adore 5e due to its ease to run and teach newer players. I don't like being a rules-lawyer and will almost always go with the rule of cool, as long as it makes sense. Some people like lots of roleplay, while others like lots of combat and tactics. I like there to be a balance between the two, and there to be a good story to go along with. I am no voice actor, but I do my best on character voices.

GM style

I aim to make my games as welcoming and open to everyone, this includes completely new players that have 0 game experience, to veterans that want to try out new tactics. People from all walks of life are encouraged to join (LBTQ+ friendly). I try my best to work directly with my players to tell stories, I love incorporating secrets and their background into the meta plot of my games, giving all of my players plenty of time in the spotlight.

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