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About me

I've been playing and running role-playing games ever since AD&D. I enjoy running character-focused games with politics and intrigue, such as Vampire: the Masquerade, Dune, or Delta Green. Horror is another favorite of mine, including games like Hunter: the Vigil, Call of Cthulhu, and similar titles. I believe the key to running a good game is by presenting characters with compelling dilemmas and interesting choices, and simply guiding how the story evolves from there. I also have experience teaching how to play, and I'd love to be the GM who introduces your troupe to the game you've been dying to try. This includes teaching teens how to play; I'd be delighted to run an age-appropriate, family-friendly game for your age 12+ kids.

GM style

I prefer a more narrative focus of gameplay. Running fights isn't as important for me as exploring why your characters have taken to the field to begin with. When I do run combat, I like incorporating strategic elements - characters are rewarded for coming up with creative battle plans and using the environment to their advantage. I lean into the sandbox style of game running; where I create a world for your characters to interact with as you wish. I also want to make it personal; I tailor scenarios to characters' Bonds/Flaws/Disadvantages/etc to make for a more interesting and memorable story. I'm a strong believer in good boundaries making for good roleplayers. Especially with new troupes, I like having a discussion, however brief, about expectations, hopes, and boundaries for each game I run. Once we have that talk, I'm delighted to run fraught, intense sessions; including PvP/CvC.


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