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About me

Hello fellow adventure lovers and welcome to Quills & Quests, a tavern dedicated to the telling of stories! Bards, scribes, playwrights, and historians travel from all across the land to hear first-hand accounts of valiant quests from the heroes that also frequent our halls. We know that every hero has a story worth telling and we can't wait to hear yours! My name in Andru the Author and I'll be your guide. While I've only been GMing for a little over three years, I've recently discovered my past experiences have actually been preparing me for the joys of being a D&D GM. As it turns out, I've been practicing storytelling, voice acting, and refereeing tabletop games for decades. I have hosted a lot of in-person and virtual game nights from my own collection of over 100 table top games. I always enjoy devouring the rules for those games in order to teach everyone how to play while maximizing the enjoyment at the table.

GM style

I'm a GM that is focused on storytelling for both the adventure as a whole but also for the individual characters themselves. I know many heroes have their backgrounds forgotten, their skills tossed aside, and their own personal goals sacrificed at the altar of a bigger adventure. But here, every part of your character matters because we know all those little details are what make you, you. We are here to help you tell your tales of glory and to help memorialize your adventures for all time! I also specialize in teaching new players not only how to play D&D 5E (and the online tools to play it on) but also how to find the right character, class, and play style that suits them best.


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