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Hello there! I'm your friendly online Game Master. I first started playing waaay back in the 70's and have loved tabletop and online games ever since. I'm an easy-going guy who wants players to have fun. I like a 50/50 mix of time spent in and out of combat, and I strive to bring roleplay into every battle. I structure my games to help new players feel comfortable. I host asynchronous duet games. Just you and your faithful familiar, making your own decisions and driving the story. My goal is to help you bring your character to life. The games I run are based solely on images and the written word. I definitely prefer playing text-based games because being in-character feels much more natural. I'm a big fan of the marginalized and under-represented. With only one player, a D&D duet is the safest of safe spaces. LGBTQ+ and new player friendly!

GM style

I do whatever it takes to help new players feel comfortable getting started. I only host asynchronous duet games. No waiting around for five other people to take their turn or speak their piece. No other players to make you feel uncomfortable as you try out online roleplaying or learn the mechanics of D&D. No other players to ghost the game and grind the campaign to a halt. Just you and your faithful familiar / sidekick, making your own decisions and driving the story. Fear not, you'll meet plenty of NPCs along your journey, some of whom might adventure alongside you for a bit. While I do like playing live, in-person TTRPGs, I find that players (including me) struggle with role-playing by voice in real time. Having separate discord channels for out-of-character chat and the main-adventure enables seamless storytelling. My games are not opportunities for me to show off my amazing storytelling skills. As much as possible, I prefer for players to describe their own actions. When your character dodges a javelin thrown by your foe, you get to describe the amazing feat of agility. When you roll a 1 on a stealth check, you get to describe tripping and knocking over the crystal vase. Sometimes you don't have the time or energy to be creative, and I'm happy to fill in the gaps, but these are not games where I spin out an epic tale while you just roll dice. As the GM, I am not your opponent. My goal is to work together to maximize the excitement, tension, humor, and fun that comes from never fully knowing what might happen next.

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