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About me

Lady GM representing Canada. I've always gotten lost in fantasy worlds either those from books and movies, or my own stories and worlds. Yet role-playing games have grown to be my favorite way to tell the best tale. Between the dice rolls and the players, the most amazing storylines emerge. From gut wrenching plot twists, poetically timed fumbles and crits, and hilarious antics all take shape to build an interactive masterpiece. Cooperative story telling, with the whim of the dice, allows me to be immersed in a world while still being surprised and delighted! As a GM I enjoy being both prepared and reactive to my players, believe in the rule of cool, and think everyone should have a chance to be a hero - if the dice are in your favour.

GM style

The role playing aspect of RPG has always been a fun part, to get into the head of a fictional person. Describing surroundings, actions, smells, and more help create a world where NPCs and PCs can react and be immersed. Rolling with and reacting to players as they act in a world is what I love most, and I love allowing creative ideas to play out. No gate keeping or judgement, games I run are safe spaces and all are welcome. I run games on the basis of respect, politeness, inclusivity, and that it's ok to make mistakes. A player can only truly enjoy a game, and let their imagination run wild, if they know they are welcomed and accepted. Players don't need to have crazy acting or roleplaying abilities; an open imagination and willingness to be engaged goes a long way. Effort is always rewarded and recognized! Game mechanics are important, and a well built character is something to be admired. So while I don't get hung up on a rule if it brings a game to a screeching halt, I definitely don't ignore them. As a GM I come prepared to play and have fun, but not to the point of inflexibility. Surprises and improvisation are half the fun as a GM.


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