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About me

Greetings adventures! I'm Tyler and I've first fell in love with RPG at 10 years old when my brother taught me Star Wars RPG (West end games). I've been life long hooked ever since. Outgoing, energetic and gregarious is how my players often describe me. A theater kid first, I then joined the Directors Guilde of American as an assistant director (it's like logistics for a film set) to work in TV in Film for the last 15 years. All because I love story telling and living in an epic world. Now I've shifted gears and work with my brother making role playing games and GMing. I'm on the design team, and Quartermaster for Limithron - a RPG battle map maker of mostly naval/pirate themed maps, and the maker of Pirate Borg! I've likely run more games of Pirate Borg then any other human out there. Before working on Pirate Borg, I had a long history playing / running Star Wars RPG, 3.5 & 5th edition of D&D and Pathfinder 1E (among many others but those are the biggest). I'm a person who enjoys reading rules just for fun, so I know them very well. I truly love roleplaying games because you can do anything, you get to laugh, joke and have epic adventures.

GM style

Fun, outgoing and plenty of times goofy; as a GM I strive to limit the amount of time players have to wait between turns. I keep the small details to a minimum and focus on the large scale important more epic aspects of adventuring! I want to see kingdoms rise and fall, Pirate legends created, and the battle of good vs evil unfold before our eyes! But all while enjoying the laughs and hyjinx that issues while the plans go sideways. Although I've always enjoyed the crunchy tactical combats, I really encourage my players to give narrative descriptions of how they achieve what they do. It's not dice roll, it's a story point. I also much prefer games that have the story revolve around the players, and not just following a series of events. Things I'm good at: -Teaching how to play as you go. -Character Voices -Keeping things fast paced -Following the "yes, and" rule -Player collaboration and group story telling -Using Foundry VTT -Keeping all players engaged. -Customizing the adventures to the players I've been playing for so long, and GMing in so many different situations that improvisation and adapting the story and events are second natures. That IS RPG's to me. Not forcing an outcome. The players should have the choice and they should effect the outcome! If you're checking out my games I'd love to have you. Grab some Grog and lets sing your favorite sea shanty together!


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