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About me

Welcome to an extraordinary gaming experience! With over a decade of expertise as a dedicated Dungeon Master/Storyteller, I prioritize helping players bring their ideas to life and fostering a tight-knit group. Immerse yourself in my meticulously crafted worlds, where every event has purpose and intrigue. Your character's agency is the fuel that propels our adventures, empowering you to shape the story and explore personal growth. I embrace homebrewing to accommodate unique character concepts, going above and beyond to make your character concept a flavorful reality and ensuring an unforgettable journey tailored just for you. The games I usually run are World of Darkness, specifically Vampire the Masquerade 20th and Mage the Ascension 20th, and D&D 5E. I am a full time game master, so even if none of my listed games pique your interest (I hope they do!) I am free and open to custom game requests. Join me for thrilling anticipation, camaraderie, and the joy of discovering what lies around the corner. Let's embark on this epic quest together!

GM style

I’m a laid-back guy who focuses on player engagement and fun. Everyone at my table can enjoy having a laugh while still knowing that I care about making sure their dramatic moments are given the necessary gravitas. My style is open-world with pinball characteristics. Bouncing from one intense obstacle to another, resting and roleplaying before your next launch. The trail you take helps me tell a collaborative story full of memorable and fun moments. Some things will be harder than others. It’s alright to leave a challenge for a later expedition. Discretion is knowing whether to fight, talk or flee for your life! If come to my table with the desire to play and have fun, you’re a welcome addition and I’m always open to hear your concerns and ideas. Hope we have fun in the future!

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