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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, World Builder

About me

I am the Co-Owner of Treasure Financials Inc (TFI), as well as a NOBLE & Master Monk within the game of P.U.N.Ks within the universe 'Underpunks'. I am here looking to recruit new SQUIRES to join our Corporation and assist the development of Ratropia within a beautiful and lore rich FANTASY world. As a Squire you will start in the SQUIRE ACADEMY and will be given QUESTS in order to receive COIN and other ITEMS/RESOURCES to advance your character. You will also be able to join GUILDS (Guards, Thieves, Spies, Monks) and storm the DUNGEON together with friends and enemies. Once you GRADUATE the academy, the world will be your oyster as you look to practice MAGIC, build tech & explore outer space, climb to the surface and discover a whole new world, raise PETS like DRAGONS and such and RECRUIT followers and crew. You can also OWN BUSINESSES, and even your own CORPORATION such as I. There are endless possibilities in UNDERPUNKS ALL FOR FREE 💯🥂 JOIN BELOW This Roleplaying Adventure uses DISCORD bots & CUSTOM CODE. So you can play at your own pace ANYTIME ANYDAY & ANYWHERE 💯💯 New code is released WEEKLY to bring more gameplay and opportunities to the game. Do not miss this ADVENTURE I'VE already been playing for 2 YEARS and the game has no inclination of slowing down 🥂 WE ALSO ANIMATE AND PIXELATE OUR ADVENTURES JOIN AND HAVE YOUR CHARACTER BROUGHT TO LIFE. WE ARE EVEN WORKING ON A MANGA FOR OUR TOP PLAYERS. JOIN AND GO DOWN IN HISTORY 💯🥂

GM style

Within the game of P.U.N.Ks (People Under Newer Knowledgeable), we absolutely love and encourage roleplay and character development. We regularly give our SQUIRES Quests tailored to their style of play in order to provide them with COIN & Character building assets. When you start in this game you will be dropped into #West-Squires Chat room within DISCORD where you will be welcomed by myself, Senior Leader Recruiter Horstman & Senior Squire BB. We will show you how to navigate the world of UnderPunks and play the game known as P.U.N.Ks. Navigating the world revolves around using a series of text commands (!north, !east, !west, !south) which will enable you to travel from MAP ROOM to ROOM at your leisure. No waiting on the GM or anyone to advance your story. You take that into your own hands. As you learn to navigate you are also able to work as a SQUIRE to earn Coin by transporting WASTE from the mines to the Corporation. Everytime you do, you will be PAID COIN. Once you have enough COIN you can purchase a Sack and then a Weapon in order to start slaying VERMIN on #Westshire for more COIN, REPUTATION, & Character building equipment. After you finish the TUTORIAL above, you will be admitted to a private CORPORATE DISCORD SERVER, where all the CORP members gather to take on the world of RATROPIA. THERE you will be able to join the SQUIRE ACADEMY & receive SPECIAL QUESTS for more loot and rewards. You will also be able to join GUILDS. Guards to advance STRENGTH, Thieves to advance STEALTH, Spies to advance KNOWLEDGE, & Monks to advance FORTITUDE (HP). You can also start on the path of MAGIC and become a wizard or down the road of TECH and design new technology and weaponry from scratch, build rocketry, and even travel to outer space in a UFO. There are also PET DRAGONS and others to acquire and followers and CREW to have. You can also start your own BUSINESS & and acquire LAND within the world. And finally you can even start or create your own CORPORATION and become a NOBLE within the game like myself. There is endless possibilities within the game and the whole time you can roleplay your adventures in the ROLEPLAY JOURNAL and take part in the overarching storyline that is directed by our AMAZING GM LAMA. As a NOBLE and owner of a CORPORATION. I am here to offer an invitation to ONE of the best, if not the BEST roleplaying adventure I've ever taken part in. Feel your actions really matter as they change and shape this world. And then your grand takes brought to life in PIXEL and MANGA form. Join below today!!!

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