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About me

What goes into the square hole? That's right, a Fireball! The name's PrAyNsPrAy and rolling expensive math rocks is the game. PrAy for short, I've been a DM for a over 8 years, and a enjoyer of RPGs since I could pick up a controller. DM wise, I tailor the campaign to the parties interests and construct narratives for their characters that fully immerse the player, perhaps leading to an early mid life crisis. 1. Roleplay - It is heavily encouraged, be it a quirky accent or fluctuation of the voice, as it shows effort and willingness to participate in group efforts. It cements the character in the world and promotes scenes that we all will cherish, be it serious dialogue with the antagonist over their evil plans or small talk by the campfire during a long rest. This is a hobby and cringey voice acting is to be expected, myself included, but it makes it that much more personable. 2. Attendance - Player's should arrive 5-10 minutes early of the established hours as to start on time. Life is chaotic so complications are common. I ask, if an event were to occur that would cut into session time or results in an absence, that you confront me privately an hour before session. If one player is absent in the session, and all players consent, then session may continue pending my approval. If the session planned has an encounter, be it aforementioned combat or roleplay, and I believe that all players should be present, then I reserve the right to delay the session. If two or more players are missing, I will most likely delay session unless downtime can be reasonably made (Such as shopping, information gathering, crafting, etc...) A 5-15 minute intermission is always available to be called at any time in the session, usually about halfway or before an upcoming combat encounter. 3. Metagaming - Character progression in the pinnacle of Dungeons and Dragons, so temper expectations that your characters aren't perfect, and that failure can be just as fulfilling. I do add a personal flare to parts of the campaign as to make it fresh and keep players on their toes. I am not perfect, so if you catch me making a mistake with a particular mechanic or encounter, reach out to me privately. I will error correct or retcon if need be but spoilers and cheaters are not welcomed at my table. 4. Etiquette - We're all here to have a good time and enjoy ourselves in this hobby. A level of cooperation and compliance is required for the health of a party. Keep this in mind at character creation as no amount of "my character would..." will be accepted if it causes needless inner party conflict. Character conflict is kept in mind for campaign events, so if reasonable conflict occurs, please conduct yourselves reasonably. I intend to a reasonable DM, so if I make a ruling in session, to please respect it and reach out to me for concerns after. I have a zero tolerance for inflammatory and or hateful language. Malicious individuals and bad actors will be swiftly evicted from the group. Additional House rulings : šŸ’„ Crunchy Crits - Player Character's base attack rolls deal their maximum damage and any additional dice are then rolled to be added to the total. šŸ˜‡ Hero's Rounding - Damage that would be halved are made in the favor of player characters. šŸ’‰ Potions - All potions are a Bonus Action. A Heal Potion can instead be used as an Action to heal its maximum value. ā˜  Death Saves - These are rolled privately to the DM, as to build suspense and teamwork, and players are asked to keep their involvement to a minimum until brought back. šŸ§° Passive Skills - If the passive skill check (Skill + 10) is 5 higher than the DC, it it considered an automatic success and no roll is needed. Having advantage or disadvantage warrants a +5 or -5 respectfully to the passive check. ā— Inspiration - Instead of being awarded on a character to character basis, it is instead a liquid resources shared with the entire party. I tend to be fairly lenient with awarding these with players the show a lot of effort. Being particularly good at roleplay, making elaborate memes about previous or upcoming encounters, or general art highlighting key moments. šŸ’” Recap - At the start of each session, a "recap" will be called. Players are welcome to give an overview of the previous session's events. If a satisfactory summary is given, detailing key narrative elements, I award a point of inspiration. On a session by session basis, I will award at least one point, scaling up to how ever many key details I feel is warranted. šŸ˜° Drop Tanking - Creatures can regain consciousness from the dying state a number of times equal to their CON modifier, resetting after a Long Rest. Instances that exceed this total will be given 1 point of Exhaustion. I pride myself in creating a wholistic experiences that can be remembered and fawned back to in the future. And now all I need is you, come and join me wont you?

GM style

In terms of the pillars - 1. Social Interaction (Roleplay) : Politics and Intrigue are my favorite ways to spice up NPC's. Hinting at a grandiose narrative with oddities and subplots that slowly culminate together for a climactic finish. Be it a knee jerk reaction to a question, their involvement with a group or location, or even as simply as a piece of information they are aware of, sometimes it's the little things that keep people going. 2. Combat : A bit of a sadist in this regard. I find standard 5e combat to be a bit monotonous as most encounters are treated as a means to an end. I on the other hand use combat as just another tool to tell the story and intrigue the players. As a result, I dabble in homebrewing mechanics to spice an encounter if need be. Can be small things as reskinning a monsters appearance to give players a visual indicator for nasty traits, smalls things as adding a mechanic to a creature that I believe would make sense and tie them into the current scene, or in rare cases over hauling an entire encounter if proven to be exceedingly unenjoyable for the players or myself. 3. Exploration : With the "Who" and the "What" out of the way, now it's the "Where." A Vampire lord is only as horrific as their castle, A Dragon is only as intimidating as their hoard and lair, and a Lich with their crypt. The ambience and location is the final piece that tie encounters together. Another means for myself to show and don't tell, rewarding players for asking the right question, observing and piecing elements together, or using it as another tool to win an encounter.


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