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About me

Hi I'm Taylor! I'm a full time freelance video editor and graphic designer! I tell stories and play amazing TTRPGs over at High Shelf Collective (formerly known as High Shelf Gaming) on Twitch & YouTube. I've been playing ttrpgs for a little over 10 years and finally stepped into the GM seat just a couple years after that. While my roots were in Pathfinder, I quickly jumped into the world of D&D 5e. I ran a nearly 4 year long campaign before finally finding friends that would let me be a PC. The I couldn't get away from the backside of the DM screen that easily! I now run a casual game with some co-workers as well as a streamed D&D 5e game on HSC. While fantasy is great... I've always been more of a Sci-Fi girl. So I was ANXIOUSLY awaiting the release of Cyberpunk Red. My new ttrpg love has everything I want in a system. Cyborgs. Guns. Puns. I wrapped my first campaign in 2021 and am already working on my next adventure to Night City. I've been lucky enough to be a part of panels with content creators AND creators of Cyberpunk Red as well as invited to run games and appear on panels for R. Talsorian at Gen Con. This year's Witcher and Cyberpunk games were a blast! Since the start of the pandemic I threw myself into games. Gotta love the convenience of virtual tabletop systems! With all my pals at High Shelf Collective I've been able to play not only D&D and Cyberpunk but Agon, Kids on Bikes, Tales from the Loop, Mork Borg, Urban Shadows and even more smaller systems like Lasers and Feelings, Warmer in the Winter, Killslash, and community made games! ALL that to say -- I love the freedom these games give you to play fun and interesting characters and experience worlds as deep as the imagination! I'm always down for a joking, silly, playful game but, I am also a sucker for those heart wrenching games that pull you in and spit you out in the end. My worlds can be as light hearted or as deadly as YOU want. Is there a system I haven't mentioned that's newer, or a one page RPG? I am more than willing to look it over and check out if I'm the right DM for you!

GM style

I've been told my playstyle is 'rule of cool' (as long as it doesn't break the game!), so if you're a rules lawyer, I may not be to your liking. I'm into Epic Moments and sweet roleplay scenes. Collaborative storytelling is what we're doing! I love to watch players grow and help them get out of their shell. Whether it is roleplay or combat tactics! I strive to make sure everyone has their moment to shine and connect with the story we are telling! I use a mix of Theatre of the Mind and battlemaps via a virtual tabletop (VTT) like Roll20 depending on the situation. Making sure my players have a great experience is what I'm about. If you're new we can go through character creation together and a little tutorial on using a virtual tabletop. And finally, but super important. Player safety. I use Lines and Veils and an X card during the game but will share an anonymous consent form with players which we all can submit our preferences, boundaries and phobias etc.


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