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¿I’m pretty chill. ¿US-based. ¿Pretty much always available on Discord. ¿I love writing stories, especially starting with character creation - there is ALWAYS a free, individual Session 0 available.

GM style

Let’s start with the most important stuff: I expect players to be polite, and I have a strict one-warning policy about problematic behaviors. My tables are safe places for expression, but with respect and care for the feelings of everyone present. If people are paying to be at a table, whether it’s a virtual TTRPG or dinner at McDonald’s, they expect to be treated with respect, and my first job is to ensure that. I like to reward creativity in game and out of game and encourage you to think outside the box. I am very flexible with homebrew and I think of “Rule of Cool” as a good starting point that we can reel back in if it starts to sound a little too out there. I use crunch and combat to tell a story; at my table they are important, but they are a means to an end. I’m not your opponent, just your referee, and I will challenge you. I’m here to make you a hero!

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