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Tom Toynton
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Inclusive, Knows the Rules

About me

I specialize in running official Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and DMG-published one-shots, but always with customizations focused on the players, playstyles, and characters. I have GM’d 19 games on Roll20 including 2 that each took 16 months of weekly play to conclude. I love TTRPGs and the act of collaborative storytelling. It creates unique and memorable experiences for players of all playstyles and skill levels. My tables are comfortable, safe spaces for LGTBQ+ players, players of color, and players with neurodiversity. I also enjoy teaching the game to new players. As a Game Design Professor and Gamemaster, I have introduced tabletop games to new players for over 25 years. All are welcome!

GM style

Not every GM and table is the right fit for every player, which is simply part of the beautiful diversity in human beings. When choosing a game make sure that the environment and play experience is what you are looking for and enjoy. Here is what you can expect at my tables: Session Content: A balance between exploration, moderate roleplaying with some character voices, and challenging combat scenarios that can sometimes be bypassed through wit and good roleplaying. When appropriate for the story I might include a puzzle or two to solve. Campaigns also include intrigue and opportunities for in-depth character development. Table Etiquette: The first and most important rule is to Respect and Support other players. The second rule is to smile, laugh, and Have Fun (it’s why we play, after all). The third rule is to keep it Clean—profanity should be limited and reflect the fantasy world we play in, such as “Blood and Ashes” and “By the Dark Gods” in Faerun. Rules vs. Player Agency: Most of the time following the rules as written or intended makes knowing what you can do and how to resolve actions easier, but creativity is also part of the fun. If there is something cool and interesting you want to try in a given situation, I’ll encourage and support it even if the chance of success is low. Beyond that, rules might be added to specific games that support particular playstyles and narratives. Tactical Maps: Yes. I use gridded maps extensively as visual aids for tactical play during combat. Technologies Used: Discord for voice communication; Roll20 for maps and game information; DnD Beyond for Character Creation and rolling dice to Roll20 through the Beyond20 browser plugin; Google Docs & Google Sheets for session 0 prep & shared character information in long campaigns. I have pro-level accounts so players don’t have to pay for anything.

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