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Andy H. (A Plaidypus)

2 years on StartPlaying

About me

What makes me unique? A list of three reasons ought to do the convincing required! 1.) Experience - I have been a DM ever since I started back in 3.5 briefly, then 4e, and now to 5th edition. To me, this has put me in the hot seat for many decisions that need to be made quickly and fairly to the betterment of all players at the table. I know what the rules are for almost anything, and in the rare case I don't, I know exactly where to find them so the pacing of our story together always keeps up. In this time I have really honed the tightrope of "I'm not against the players" and "this campaign doesn't feel dangerous." Decisions made by the players will matter, but that doesn't mean creative solutions will be punished. The players can expect a fair treatment throughout the campaign, but the ever looming threat or antagonist will not reward carelessness. 2.) Content Unlocked - I have unlocked in D&D Beyond all player choices (that I know of!), and am more than happy to acquire others if you find something that I'm missing. This gives you access to a plethora of choices while building your character, and thanks to the Beyond 20 plugin, makes for seamless play on Roll20. 3.) Passion - The joy I get from playing D&D is immeasurable. I've always been hooked, from the moment I picked out my very own first cheap translucent set of Chessex. If players are wondering how certain rules work, different character ideas they'd like to flesh out, etc., I'll be available to chat and will enjoy every minute of it! Hopefully this effectively summarizes what I excel at! Also, I'm a Plaidypus. Hope that clears up any confusion about my profile picture.

GM style

To me, the individual interactions players get to take during the game are the most interesting part to me. I tend to use combat lightly in most campaigns, I feel that an excess of combat tends to slow the pacing of the story. When combat is utilized it is typically deadly but entirely possible to succeed in. NPC's in universe will be as real of people as I can make them, trying to put forth evocative descriptions or conversations to rope a player in. One of my favorite roleplay moments was in a game of Everyone Is John, a player attempted to use a $100 bill to purchase something and the shopkeep scoffed slightly as he muttered to himself whether or not he was going to be able to break it before asking a manager to bring change from the back. This small moment cracked the table up and brought realism to the game. If this kind of thing would be more of an inconvenience vs. an enjoyable moment, then I'm not sure if I'm the best DM for you personally, but encourage you to contact me if you find small things like this humorous!

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