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Justin "Avalyon"

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Highly rated for: Knows the Rules, Inclusive, Creativity

About me

Hey, I often go by Avalyon, my long time online handle which I later granted to my favorite PC and eventual prime deity of my homebrew world. I'm a GM with about 8 years experience in 5e, and some experience in FF's Star Wars system. I have played and DMd for the actual play podcast Flavored Enemy, where I play Izel Bell, Briar Blackspark, and DM the Land of Dragons, a campaign in my homebrew setting.

GM style

My GMing style is centered around character driven story and game play. I develop the plot out of your backstories, build custom loot tables and others to tailor the game to a specific party, and facilitate an RP rich game lead by characters; arcs and relationships while maintaining a mechanically robust game, with plenty of opportunities to deviate from the path, and to harness mechanics to realize the vision of your characters in an open world that you are enmeshed in. I am known in my playgroups as the go to for well built cinematic combat, my signature "roll to break the rules" and balanced homebrew and have a wide selection of options for players. In short my campaigns are character driven open adventures run by a DM with good grasp of mechanics, and my one shots lean into "pseudo dungeons" with puzzles combats and skill challenges that prompt careful resource use decisions. A signature feature of my games is the Roll to break the Rules. Despite being mostly rules as written, descriptive flavor, creativity, and compelling narrative are at the forefront of my gamea. So, the "rule of cool" is kept in mind and supplemented with my "Roll to Break the Rules," in addition to any narrative ruling of the DM with a few guidelines that protect player equality, and the value of existing effects. The Roll to Break the rules allows for players or the DM to ask for a roll to accomplish things beyond RAW such as casting a leveled spell as both a BA and an Action on your turn, providing the opportunity for exciting moments, and compelling consequences. So, the rules come to represent the natural limits of the world and the character, while the roll represents a character pushing past those limits in key moments.

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