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About me

I have always loved fantasy, magic, and many things that fall under the rubric of “supernatural”. Despite the absolute certainty that I would have loved playing D&D when I was younger, for various reasons I did not start to play well into adulthood. The vast amount of my TTRPG experience is with D&D 5e, although I have also played a few other systems, and read the rules for many more. I have been playing D&D for a little over 6 years, and have DM’d a full module campaign for two groups (Avernus), run a home brew campaign that was cut short because of covid, and helmed many one shots/short adventure arcs. Although TTRPGs take a lot of my attention, I also enjoy board games, reading (almost always fantasy/sci-fi), making/finding good food, and walking around the city I live in.

GM style

My first priority is always everyone’s safety, comfort, and fun; safety tools and good communication are paramount for me. After that, I like to run a mix of combat, RP, and exploration, but I generally tailor those ratios depending on my players. I am not the best voice actor, but I do enjoy trying to make NPC’s distinct. I usually see my role as a facilitator for the players; offering them hooks, adjudicating rules as needed, and helping to focus when it is appropriate, but otherwise letting them guide the story and action as they see fit (of course this can vary a lot depending on whether the game is a one shot, a module, or a sandbox homebrew; even in a more constrained format, I still try to provide as much agency to the players as I can though.) If forced to say what I think is one of my main strengths as a GM, I do like running combat and feel I am pretty good at keeping it fast and fun, so my games usually have at least some combat; it is rare to have a session without any.

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