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About me

My name is Phil and I would love to be your host for a night filled with lots of laughs and adventure as we explore the mighty lands of Faerun and beyond. I've had the honor of dungeon mastering one shot games at the coveted D&D In A Castle event along side some of the best dungeon masters in the world like Mark Meer, Thor Knai and Jason Charles Miller. I bring not only a lot of passion, but also I have spent many years of my youth as a stage and improv actor that I am digging deep to bring to life colorful characters to fill your adventure with. My favorite part of being a Dungeon Master is co-creating stories and creating memorable experiences together. While I am perfectly happy to lead the story-telling, the more you feel comfortable to jump in and add to the adventure, the better! That being said, if this is your first time playing, I can relate to what it's like being nervous to play (especially with strangers) and am more than happy to walk you through everything you need to know to get up and running and to meet you at your comfort level. I'll be your guide to learning the ropes and gaining confidence in the wonderful world of D&D. You can check out a sample of my dungeon mastering here: ---- As you knock on the door, the door creaks open a few inches allowing faint light to streak out of the doorway. The smell of freshly baked biscuits mixed with the aroma of coffee fills your nostrils. You push the door open your eyes are greeted by the warm, cozy fire in the corner. In the center of the room, you see a hardy wooden oak table. On top of the table are 5 mugs of steaming coffee guard the familiar sight of a battle map laced with trees, gnolls, and 5 recognizable miniatures depicting your characters. You place your satchel containing your character sheets, dice and player's handbook down beside your usual spot on the soft plush couch adjacent to the table, and as you pick up your cup of coffee to take a sip, the warm smile of Phil, your DM, greets you and welcomes you back to another adventure-filled session of Dungeons & Dragons...

GM style

I love to roleplay, create character voices, and bring fun, mystery, adventure, action and sometimes silliness to our games. I love it when players embrace roleplaying and bring both their characters and tactics to life (not every encounter or battle needs to be won with a sword, but when it does, I'll bring plenty of action). If you are new to D&D, I bring a gentle style to help you get your feet under you and as a former teacher and coach, I am more than happy to teach how to play and show you the ropes!


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