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About me

Hello! I am a LGBTQAI+ and ESL friendly "Forever GM." (I'm in the argyle😊) Running games gives me life, and I particularly enjoy introducing people to new games. I ran DDAL games online during lock down, in addition to my own home brew Dungeons and Dragons, Blades in the Dark, and HEART: the City Beneath games. I play, and play test, MANY games. I only run games I *LOVE* on There are more games that I love than I have time to list, so here are other games I would love to show to people that don't regularly make it into my monthly rotation. If you and a group of friends would like to try any of the following, I would love to run them for you! Please “Request a booking” and we can set something up! ✅ AGON (Mythic “Sands and Sandals” adventures! Ever wanted to kill a hydra right off that bat, and it's AWESOME? AGON is for you.) ✅ ALIEN ✅ Blades in the Dark ✅ Death in Space ✅ Dungeons and Dragons 5e ✅ Eat the Reich (You'd have Early Access to Ally Vampires tasked with “infiltrating” occupied Paris and drinking all of Hitler’s blood.) ✅ Heart: the City Beneath ✅ Mörk Borg ✅ Scum and Villainy (Do you love Cowboy Bebop, Blade Runner, or Tatooine? this game is for you!) ✅ SPIRE: the City Must Fall ✅ The Quiet Year (or its Anti-colonial cousin, "Into the Forest")

GM style

As a long time role player, I lean toward high speed, role play and theatre of the mind style games. As you can see from the games I host here, I favor fiction forward and story based games that create memorable, relatable moments! I shift between in character and meta conversations to keep games lively and moving forward, and you'll find that all my NPCs (adversaries and allies alike) know what they're doing.

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