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About me

Hi there! Long time D&D player here who ran multiple online campaigns for friends throughout lockdown which then continued afterwards. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), I'm currently without a group to DM so thought I'd offer out my services! I'm a schoolteacher by day, DM by night! I run sessions following the 5e rule set and have a homebrew world I've been playing with for a few years now that is itching to be explored by new and experienced players alike! Of course, I'm just as happy to run existing modules if people prefer. I've taught new players who range from 9 to 40+ years of age so am more than happy to have newcomers to the game who are a little nervous and looking for support as they try out a new hobby - hopefully, I'll be able to keep some of you involved in the game! And yes, I do like to do voices (some of the accents aren't even that bad!).

GM style

I think my favourite games are always the ones that include a bit of everything. I like players to have chance to flex those combat muscles but also talk their way around a problem. Being a primary school teacher, I default to using voices for all my npc's though I absolutely don't expect players to follow suit(unless they want to!).


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