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About me

πŸ“… Many years of experience. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβš§οΈ All inclusive GM <3 🎭 Narrative/Descriptive GM style. πŸ“œ Incorporates and focuses on player back stories. πŸ“’ Professional voice actor! 🎼 Music and Ambience incorporation. πŸ—ΊοΈ Avid Map maker! πŸ“š Lover of many systems. 🌱 Loves teaching new players <3 πŸ–₯️ Can run on Discord, Owlbear, DnDbeyond and Roll20, still learning Foundry. Hey there! I'm Persephone and I've been a longtime player of D&D since Kindergarten (Pretty much my whole life)! Started with 3.5e with my friends LARPing on the playground which inevitably landed me into the DM's seat! I've been DMing for 5e for about 7 years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Expanding my knowledge into other systems and mechanics is a long term goal of mine, but for the time being I seek to expand the lore and worldbuilding on my 2 separate homebrew settings that I have each individually put 5 years into crafting and perfecting! As of this year, I have played in 6 long term full running campaigns as well as countless 1 shots and short term campaigns, DMed 2 lvl 1-20 campaigns to completion, and ran several 1 shots and short term campaigns in homebrew settings, other systems, and modules from both 3.5e and 5e. I am a part time map maker and artist pursuing a degree in anthropology with a focus in archaeology, I enjoy a healthy bit of voice acting for my own entertainment and am currently looking for a forever group to run games for. All in all I believe that's everything you should know about me! I'm an LGBTQ friendly Trans DM with years of experience and varied skills that enhance my dming style. If you're interested in one of my worlds, message me personally or check out my Games!

GM style

- I use a hefty amount of self made, self playtested homebrew to specifically fit into my worlds, though I will rarely allow for homebrew outside my Compendium to exist so long as I vet it. - Character customization will always be in depth, allowing for any combination of race and class for maximum personability, with only a few exceptions. - Rule of cool reigns supreme! If you would like to do something, chances are it is within the realm of possibility. - Historical inspiration and myth/legend/lore are referenced heavily in all of my works, though there are many artistic liberties I take. - I run Roleplay heavy 4 hour sessions with intense combat implementing puzzle like mechanics in both the terrain and the enemy itself, occasional political intrigue with a heavy focus on character backstory to drive mid to late game. - I use a soft magic system, allowing for editing and augmenting of spells, magic items, and potions by any class with enough gold, materials, and the proper knowledge. Any edits wanted will be personally vetted and come at an appropriate cost, likely involving some sort of side quest. -Sessions will be sequential early game, days will pass by slower and there will be heavy emphasis on travel and story to get everyone acclimated to the world, though I will implement the occasional time skip or montage at the appropriate moments. - I put a great deal of effort into custom maps for individual players relating to their backstories, and I love to see a great deal of effort put into my players backstories in return <33


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