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About me

Hello, my friend and welcome. I’m glad you stop by. I'm your guide and storyteller, Tony. I've picked up some interesting nicknames during my adventures. Come, have a seat. I love meeting new friends, seeing old faces and the telling of a good tale. I’ve been playing snice I was fourteen. After a month or so, I was DM’ing games. I’m comfortable going off script and making it up, as we go along. I’ve ran D&D, StarBase Alpha, RoboTech, Star Wars, WOW, VTM, WOD and others. The World of Darkness always makes me smile. I also write and paint miniatures. TTRPG is just an extension of this. I enjoy guiding the role-play process and helping folks get involved in their story. Because at our core. We’re all intrepid adventurers, private investigators, old Jedi, young Starfleet cadets, or newly clanless. What's your story?

GM style

I enjoy spinning a good tale. Role-playing the discovery of new and mysterious situations to overcome. Whether it’s a story filled with tension, danger, action, and fun. Or a quick hack and slash to the gold. Let’s make it an adventure, we will look back on and say. "Remember when ……………." Everyone is welcome, here. At this table. Identities are recognized and healthy opinions valued. People are respected. There is no tolerance for sexism, racism or anti-LGBTIA. Be who you are and play your character. Live your best life. I’ll detail events that grip you and set the mood. Keeping players engaged and part of the story. After all, this is your tale. If you put time and effort into your character. You’re encouraged to make them shine! Share with us, their motivations and style. Maybe you like being a wallflower. You enjoy hearing the story and being a supporting player. We'll respect that. Come enjoy the game with us. Or if you just rolled out a toon before the session and are winging this. Like the rest of your life. That’s ok, too. Whether you’re a D&D hack and slash, an aloof arcane conjurer, a barrower of shiny things, a redshirt on an Andromeda Class starship, the seductive raver, an old blueblood or another sewer dwelling secret’s broker, whose best friend howls at the moon. Whomever you are, tell us your tale….. Let’s share a story.

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