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About me

Table Top enthusiast for 12 years, DM for ~10. I have a love of both unique vibrant homebrew worlds as well as classics and pop-culture adaptations. My commitment is to ensure that players feel included and appreciated at the table. I try to build each session of my games in such a way that players don't feel burdened to dig through mountains of lore or spend hours agonizing over decisions. What is presented will always be all you need to solve the problem. I'm not here to defeat players, just to give them challenges that will make them feel like they really achieved something. I savor every opportunity to really figure out what a player loves and find a way to put it into the game.

GM style

I like to be adaptable to my players. But generally I use this basic layout for my sessions and dungeons. Hook - The story and roleplay that sets up the session. Challenge - A series of challenges that the players must complete to progress. Climax - A major development in the story of the session. Showdown - Players engaging the main issue to be overcome Resolution - Players dealing with the positive and negative outcomes of the session. For multi session games/campaigns these may play out over the course of multiple sessions.

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