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About me

Hi all! My name is Patrick and I've been playing and DMing D&D for, uh... a long time. Long enough to have played all the editions at one point or another. I really enjoy the escape D&D provides, especially right now! I run a fun, inclusive game that's pretty light-hearted but with a dash of the serious now and then. When I'm not playing in or running D&D games, I raise my kids and am an artist in the film and video game industries!

GM style

I like challenging my players without being adversarial. My games tend to lean into combat with a good dose of role playing. There's no expectations for players speaking in the voice of their characters, but if that's your jam, let's do it! Sometimes I do accents and voices because they are fun, not because I am good at them! My focus is on everyone enjoying themselves and having an opportunity to shine in game!

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