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I've been active in local LARP groups and watching Dungeons and Dragons games online for several years. I started playing when I was around 10 years old and started GMing after I turned 20. I have always been a fan of medieval settings and truly enjoy high magic/fantasy games. I love roleplay and storytelling. I have been writing stories since I could hold a pencil. When I found D&D something just clicked for me. I am highly passionate for the game and generally fall more under the rule of cool than RAW. I heavily homebrew every campaign I run for fun and interesting plot twists. Though my tendency for homebrew does generally cause overpowered characters, I promise I can still provide a challenge to even the most "God-level" characters.

GM style

I love giving my players time to roleplay, downtime can be just as entertaining if not more so than life on the road. Puzzles, combat, natural hazards and magical nonsense are all parts of what makes this such a great game. I am not the best at doing voices so I usually stick to describing accents or tones of speech. I reward characters maybe a little too often with magic items whether homebrewed or official. And I really enjoy creating NPC's for the party to interact with. While i prefer to run high magic high fantasy campaigns I can just as easily run combat centric dungeon crawls filled with traps as well. If I had to list priority for my games of how important different pieces are it would list like this: 1. Roleplay 2. Creative Solutions 3. Dungeon crawls 4. Puzzles 5. Combat

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