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Jesse James Anderson
Voice Actor

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Inclusive, World Builder

About me

Hello dear friends, I'm Jesse! I am an inclusive, narratively-focused but mechanics-savvy multi-system GM. With over 20 years of DMing experience and having lived through many a trouble at the table I can quickly adjudicate rules while also being willing to take a step back and take time to make sure that the story is moving in a direction the whole table is content with. I love to run pre-made modules and create my own stories and settings, often with copious input from past and current players. I'm also an experienced actor and improv artist and bring those skills to my characterization and descriptions during play, I'm a member of The Natural 7 podcast. I am skilled in many game systems but my favorites by far are D&D (4th and 5th), Exalted, Legend of the 5 Rings, Pathfinder 2, Shadowrun and both Chronicles and World of Darkness .

GM style

I love roleplay and the daily life facts of characters, their habits and preferences being put on display and used to bring the group closer together. I love narrative, cinematic combat over tactical combat but am not that big a fan of rules-lite systems, I enjoy the feeling of progression and mechanical depth that helps to accentuate a character's narrative journey. As an actor I love to give important NPCs their own voices.


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