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About me

Hello! Nice meeting you! I am a writer, translator, a storyteller and a hoping to be a content creator. I have been into tabletop games for two years and have started to GM professionally for a year now. My experience mostly lies with World of Darkness games, notably Vampire: the Masquerade, Hunter: the Reckoning and I have some experience with Dungeons and Dragons, as well as Monsterhearts 2 and FATE. Hopefully I'll be able to do more games and expand my domain into a wider selection of settings. Looking forward to hearing from you!

GM style

I tend to roleplay and do a lot of voice acting for my NPCs and I do detailed yet brief depictions of the environments to provide as much as immersion as possible. I balance my games with enough combat and enough roleplay so the players can have both aspects of the game. I'm a lenient storyteller, and don't mind it when my players decide to take alternate routes or come up with wacky yet creative solutions to the challenges I present them with. At the end of the day, as much as we're telling stories, we are also playing a game to have fun and that is the experience that I leave my players with.


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