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About me

Formerly Known as DM Doom or DoomChanter. Hey, there, I am a seasoned GM with a rich history dating back to the early '80s (the Satanic Panic era). With over 40+ years of experience, I've immersed myself in every role-playing genre as a player and a GM, honing my skills and gaining a deep understanding of the game. You can trust my seasoned expertise to guide you in your role-playing journey. My passion, my true love, lies in the art of storytelling within role-playing games. A compelling story must always include conflict, investigation, and problem-solving elements. Regardless of the system, it's a rare session that only incorporates these three core elements. Let my passion for storytelling inspire your narratives. While I often run Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons 5e, my gaming history is a treasure trove of diverse experiences. I've played and owned a plethora of games in all genres, and I'm ready to accommodate your unique gaming preferences. Just ask, and I might have something special in store for you. Happy rolling!

GM style

My GMing style is traditional, and I enjoy a mix of challenges in each session with combat, investigation, and problem-solving, which are integral to driving any story forward. Role-playing is essential to bring the NPCs to life, making the players care about the story. I do not enjoy focusing on the nitty-gritty of rules, with the philosophy being, "If nobody died, let's keep the story going, and we can get whatever we got wrong in this session right in the next." With all this in mind, it means nothing if the players don't get sufficient "ME" time and the ability to evolve their characters within the game. I strongly emphasize allowing player agency and PC characterizations to flourish, as your choices and actions are what truly shape the narrative.


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