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Travis O'Ceallaigh
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About me

Hello! I've been playing TTRPGs/Roleplaying in various forms since I was in Middle School - ranging from D&D 3.5E to Freeform Written RP all the way to completely custom-made systems wherein the term 'homebrew' might not be pulling its weight. I've been DMing with at least one session a week since 2010 and have spent years dedicating myself to making sure that I run engaging, fun, games for my players. My foremost focus as a DM will always be on player enjoyment and helping people go through the path of experiencing a fantastic story. Sometimes this involves tactics-focused combat encounters and others it involves engage roleplay with intricate characters on either side of the alignment chart - it really all depends on the players and what they seek to gain from play. I want to have an open table full of unique, diverse, individuals that want to be there and I hope that I can bring you in on that!

GM style

Player safety and comfort is a huge aspect for me, I always want to make sure that everyone feels included, safe and wanted at my table. To this end I do not accept bigotry or discrimination of any kind - it's not enough that people feel 'tolerated' they must feel 'wanted'. It's a big deal to me that all players get a chance to shine and that everyone will eventually have their time in the sun whether this be in combat, through story or many other things. Personally I enjoy running combat and rewarding players for unique tactics! Clever gameplay will always be acknowledged in my games. Even if they don't work out. I also love doing narrative storytelling. Interacting with players and watching their characters grow is a massive joy for me with one of my favorite things is facilitating a world for players to engage with. Whether this through a grim and depressing storyline or bright and engaging characters, it's all good to me!

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