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James M

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About me

Partially covered by the dust of time, you find the blanched bones of a human adventurer long dead. Every inch of bone is covered with tiny bite marks or burrowed holes. Some of the bones have been broken by the crushing teeth of a much larger creature. The slightest touch on a pouch at his side causes it to disintegrate into dust and string, revealing its contents. Coin… You smile at the sound of it hitting the ground. A backpack in similar condition reveals a map case with a map inside. You hold the case gently trying not to disturb the contents too much. The thought of a long forgotten treasure waiting to be discovered comes to mind as you secure it carefully to your pack. Your torchlight gleams off of metal on his finger. A gold ring with an inlaid garnet shines brightly. Rewards such as this are the result of adventures that normal people fear to take on. Risking life and limb to plumb the depths of mystery. Fighting creatures that are the stuff of nightmare and legend. This year will make 30 years since I began roleplaying in college. You know what, I still can't get enough! I love the games and I love introducing them to new players. I love the memories that are created when I play with a good group. My games are thoughtful, unbiased and everyone has an opportunity to shine. I’ve run solo games and I’ve also done one on one games as well as large groups. Whether you are learning or experienced I can run a game that will be full of adventure and excitement.

GM style

I'm an easy going guy who wants players to have fun over anything else. I like storytelling, roleplay and action. So you will get this in equal abundance in one of my games. My games are an open world where players can take any direction they want to. There are no linear paths a character must take. In this way, I create a collaborative story that we can all have fun with. All that being said, my games vary in difficulty. Some adventures may be easy, some will not. You may have to come back when you are stronger. A wise player/character knows when to fight or when to talk or when to run! I'm also a very open DM. Accepting of everyone who comes with the desire to play and have fun. If a player has a concern for any reason, then just reach out. The goal is always to have fun.


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