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About me

I have always enjoyed hosting games, ever since I was a kid playing D&D at the library with my friends after school. I always enjoyed making up my own campaign settings and I have notebooks and binders full of things I really should have tried to publish ages ago. I enjoy all kinds of games from horror to fantasy adventure to sci-fi, and have played a lot of games if not run them at some point. I have run and helped to run online games in text format, some of them boasting 40 or more players at a time. I am not opposed to some collaborative work either. I took a break (at the wrong time apparently) from gaming and just as I was getting back into it, found this site.

GM style

I love experiences, mysteries, and deep stories. I like passing notes, letting other people try to guess at what's really going on. I like making people think. I do play/run a lot of horror themed games, but I am not opposed to lighter fantasy to take a break now and then. I am much more into Role-play than Roll-play but understand that there are some things that are just better left to the dice. I like to streamline combat as much as possible, rules and rolls wise because I hate spending all of the in-game time working out numbers and not working on the story. For text-based games I actually wrote a program that handles 90% of the work for that reason. You tell it what you want to do, it makes the rolls and posts a result and you describe in your words how it played out. I do occasionally enjoy the technical aspects and may play a game for the strategy. An example of this would be a high level campaign around each character being the leader of their nation, each player having to control entire armies.

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