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About me

I'm Jórekr, a 26-year-old Gamemaster hailing from Norway. I specialize in the genres of Sword & Sorcery, Lovecraftian Horror, and Dark Fantasy, and I have a keen interest in exploring immersive and exciting stories. I've been honing my craft as a GM for more than decade, and I'm always seeking to improve my skills. Every session, I draw upon a diverse range of ideas and philosophies from different game systems to create engaging and enjoyable tabletop experiences for my players. If you're seeking a Gamemaster who is passionate about creating unforgettable adventures, look no further - I'm your guy!

GM style

Characters are everything - And it's my responsibility as a GM to ensure that everyone is having a great time! 🌞 A chance for every player to shine 🧙🏽 Multidimensional NPCs 🗡️ Exciting scenarios 🎭 Pulpy action and intriguing plots 📜 A will to initiate beginners to alternative systems I prefer story over mechanics, and like to see some contributions from you to make the story more fun through roleplaying. I flesh out NPCs and have worked up backgrounds for key NPCs as much as possible. Game language is English, but I can also host games in Norwegian/ Swedish if requested (I understand German, but not to the point of hosting sessions with it) When it comes to running adventures, I truly want the players to be as invested as possible. Therefore, I give them access to plenty of storytelling and worldbuilding power. I believe that this not only engages the players, but helps their actions stay fresh in memory. As such, I enforce consequences for character actions in the world. This is to make the adventures both feel immersive and to give you, the players, a greater feeling of achievement. On the flipside, this means player characters will experience hardships or even death.


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