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About me

Hows it going? No Fun Allowed here, and contrary to the name, I thrive on delivering the fun to the table! Let me tell you a bit about my career in TTRPGs. I was introduced to D&D in 2017. I had never played a day in my life before, but it took only a single session for me to get hooked. From there, I played more and more, and eventually spread my wings to DM. Whenever I get into something, I go all in. I began DMing games for dozens of people, and before I knew it, I had made a community around my games. Flash forward all these years later, and I have now ran dozens of campaigns for hundreds of people, with so many hundreds of sessions. I have DMd for so many different styles of play, and I cater to the kind of game people want to play in. In addition, my repertoire is not limited to D&D 5e, but many other TTRPGs. I like to experience and deliver variety all over! Hiring me as your professional DM means you will have someone who will show up to the table every time, prepared to deliver the exact experience you are looking for. If you want a good spread of the three pillars of TTRPGs, I will have you covered. If you want to avoid talking to NPCs, I can make that happen. If you want to avoid combat at all costs, its no issue at all. I am happy to mold a game to be that perfect sculpture of what you are chasing after. I want to show you what I can offer, and I can't wait to see you at the table to prove it!

GM style

I love to roleplay characters that you get to interact with. I love to give dynamic combat encounters that are riveting every time. I love to provide a world to explore and reward people for exploring it. While I love to provide these things, I know that some people prefer some things over other, and I am willing to cater to whatever your playstyle is. In addition, I will ensure everyone gets their moments to shine. Everyone at the table will get their chance to show off in the spotlight (unless they don't want to!) My true GMing style is ensure everyone walks away from the table satisifed!


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