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About me

Hello there! I am Nick, a passionate and dedicated GM with a love for immersive storytelling and exciting adventures. With extensive experience in various game systems, I strive to create unforgettable gaming sessions that captivate players and ignite their imaginations. From crafting intricate narratives to navigating treacherous mysteries and antagonists, I enjoy bringing worlds to life and tailoring the experience to the unique preferences of each group. I believe in the power of collaborative storytelling and the thrill of improvisation, always adapting to the choices and actions of my players. If you're seeking a humble and engaging GM who will create a personalized and interactive journey, I would be honored to guide you through your next unforgettable gaming experience. You can watch some of my GMed games here: Mantra (Monsterhearts): One Night at Andy's (Little Fears): Contagion Chronicle (Deviant the Renegades): Chariot of the Gods (Alien RPG): You can find me on twitter @NoblemanNick

GM style

As a Game Master (GM), my styling is deeply rooted in cinematic experiences. I strive to create immersive worlds where players become the protagonists of their own epic tales. I have a profound appreciation for deep and personal narratives, weaving intricate storylines that delve into the very essence of the characters. Horror and mystery are my realms of fascination, where tension and suspense thrive, keeping players on the edge of their seats. I revel in crafting player-focused conflicts, where their choices and actions drive the plot forward, shaping the outcome of their journey. And let's not forget the thrill of great villains! I relish in creating memorable adversaries who relish the spotlight, eager to engage in dramatic monologues that challenge the heroes' resolve.


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