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About me

I own a game store and love running RPGs. I run d&d 5e and the occasional savage worlds/rifts campaign. I like to run third party modules by great third party creators like Matt Coville, the dungeon dudes, dm Dave, and ghost fire gaming to name a few. I also run my own home-brewed campaigns from time to time. I subscribe to a dozen map & token patreons as I like my games to have great art. To name a few if you know them; cze&peku, forgotten adventures, crosshead, Tom Cartos and Caeora.

GM style

I like the entire medley of possible rpg play. I do voices, I love maps, animations, lighting, good tokens and handouts. I am known for encounters that have more than one way to win, or even non-combat approaches. I do not believe in punching bag combat. I like MCDMs approach with action oriented combat.

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