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About me

My name is Nix, and I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a little over four years now. As soon as I started, I was hooked, and I DM'd my first session only after two months. I've been DMing since learning player dynamics, off-the-cuff improv, and how to incorporate my narrative experience into creating the best player experience. In my games, I love to present the premise and let my player guide the story to their desired conclusion. I love the quick and witty plans, the unexpected coincidences, and the unknown knowledge of what my players may come up with next. It's exciting to build off those elements and create a grand tale.

GM style

My GMing style really focuses on PC narrative and motivations. Challenging your character's ideals and motives and seeing where their decisions take them. I also enjoy a good mix of roleplay and combat. When it comes to combat, I'll try to run a combat encounter every three sessions. Depending on where the characters and story are, it could be more or less, but that's the baseline. I also like to include RP in combat. For example having villains taunting, describing action beats, allowing players to combo abilities, and even having player flashbacks when rolling death saves. When it comes to RP, I have at least two encounters every session. I try to give the players as many options to succeed if necessary and will allow players to succeed automatically if their roleplay is just so intriguing. When it comes to obstacles outside of Roleplay and Combat for example exploration, puzzles, dungeons, or heists, I give as man options as I can for players to progress. However, I'm always looking for ways players think out side of the box. Those are the moments I generally live for. Take interest in your characters, take interest in the world and we'll have a great time!

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