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Neal Z
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About me

Hello! I'm Neal, and I've been playing and running RPGs since high school. I love roleplaying and entertaining, and I've pursued a career in adjacent fields such as theatre and education, but with the rise of online gaming I've decided to take my hobby to the next level. I was born and raised in New York, where I worked in the theatre industry throughout my 20's until I decided it was time for a more radical change in scenery. I moved to the country of Georgia and became a teacher, drawing on my theatre experience to teach subjects such as Design and Drama. After more than a decade teaching, the pandemic showed me that remote work was definitely my jam. I've been running games online for about four years now and I love the experience. I've set up a discord server and a cloud-hosted Foundry VTT installation, which I've tailored to my DMing style using a variety of add-on modules. I set my games in a homebrew world which is designed to be approachable and beginner-friendly as well as to allow meaningful roleplaying experiences in which player characters have an important place in the setting and players have the opportunity to add to the world with creative input.

GM style

I love improv and humor, collaborative storytelling, and not letting the system get in the way of a great time. I like to run player-driven campaigns where players' decisions drive the outcomes and actions have a real impact on the world and the story. I run fast combats and I'm very open to flexible builds and optional rules. I enjoy creating homebrewed settings, monsters, items, spells, and situations, and I also enjoy running high-quality published adventure modules. I like exploring ideas and ethical questions and having player characters experience the full range of consequences for their choices and actions. I always adapt my games to the play style of my group, and I like to collect feedback after every session so I can tailor each experience to the players and make sure everyone gets their time to shine.


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