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About me

Escapism brings folks from all walks of life together, and there is no better way to tune this world out than by diving into a different one. I've been playing and running table top games for twelve years and I've never stopped wanting to do more with the hobby and keep spreading it to as many people as I can. I enjoy helping new players get the most out of their experience and learn new rule systems, but sitting down with a table of veterans is also a huge treat.

GM style

I have a strong emphasis on narrative storytelling, but with the driving force in the players hands. I prefer to focus on crafting a great world for players to interact with and setting them loose. There's no better feeling than when a group consistently surprises you and catching up to them is all you can manage. My games focus on character development and roleplay, and I'm especially fond of weaving character backstory into adventure high points. Creating a safe, comfortable space for all players to have fun and find acceptance is a huge part of this hobby and community, and I aim to take it very seriously. I run an inclusive table where everyone is free to be themselves and express their opinions and have their fun. LBGTQ+ friendly and diversity positive. My adventures usually hang out in the PG to PG-13 range, but depending on the players preferences and the game system, I can run grim-dark and horror themed games.

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