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Ben The Nerdy Papist

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About me

15% off for veterans and service members. Just message me about it before you sign up. New kid in town. Moved from the inner city to no neighbors in sight. Fifth grade and no friends anywhere. One rainy morning, I walked into the game room that popped up to replace the playground and heard dice and excited chatter. Thirty-two years later, I'm playing all the games I can find. I've been DMing for almost that entire time. Almost every edition of D&D, two of Star Wars and WoD each, and a scattered few others. I like to run games that assume the characters don't know everything. The fear of Around The Corner. Pure diamonds right there. I like to run games that assume the players might know everything. The active assent to suspension of disbelief. Chyeah buddy. I like to run games that are fun for everyone. That continue on in your noggin even after you’ve left the table.

GM style

I love social encounters that matter more than combat. I love combat encounters that matter socially. I love terrain that matters. I love things that happen in the background that the characters may never find out about (but I'll tell the players eventually...if they ask at the right time). I love cosmology that is engaging. I love lamp. I've got a hefty amount of acting experience and, while accents aren't my thing, using my voice is. I love setting up stereotypes and then subverting them for dramatic, or tactical, impact.


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