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About me

Greetings. I'm Justin and I have been making up stories and characters of my own since I was probably 7 years old. I always dreamed I would get the chance to make a living off my creativity and now I think that I should be able to make money using my adaptable improvisation to create worlds AND maybe. Who knows, maybe I just might get paid for it. I haven't been GMing for very long (since about 2020), but what I lack in submitted experience, I make up for in years playing these games (started around '97), a constantly adapting Homebrew mechanics, and a gift for improvisation. I'm also looking to expand to the more sci-fi TTRPGs as well so if there's interest in SW5e or Cyberpunk Red, hmu as well. If you like MtG and other gaming; Anime, and at least some Movies/TV, then I think I am the Game Master you are looking for. PS. Ask me about my Homebrew MtG setting I wrapt up a couple months ago (9/23/23) if you want to know more about my GMing.

GM style

My main GMing style is heavy in Homebrew mechanics. I generally try to create mechanics custom to each of my PCs in the game if it's long term. Short term campaigns or one shots i may not be as heavy but still love the challenge of balancing out a character to make them feel like the MC while simultaneously apart of a ensemble. Having said that, my past/current players tend to be more combat oriented so I try to make combat as challenging as possible without being IMPOSSIBLE, though I would LOVE more roleplay in my games. I do character voices with my NPCs/BBEGs though it's one area I am learning to be less shy about. It's a WIP for me so I don't force my players to be in character all the time.


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