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Michael Gardner

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Michael Gardner

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5 years
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1 year
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0 games

About me

I started hosting games when I first started playing D&D because I was the only one in my original group who volunteered to run the game. After alternating between playing and DMing I fell in love with building encounters and wanting to tell a story with friends. A few of the things I focus on when GMing is working with players personally to create characters they will enjoy playing as well as letting characters drive the story in a campaign.

GM style

When I GM I focus more on the players, who they are and what characters they want to play. I like to work closely with all players to make sure the character they've made will be good for them and that they'll have fun playing. I also try to work with players to incorporate backstories where possible as well as remove any distressing elements from the game and use a system related to the x-card. I do my best to balance roleplay and combat, for the most part the players I've had usually lean towards roleplay and I tailor the game as such. When roleplaying I do my best to be creative with my voices where I can as well as trying to have various unique NPCs. For combat I do my best to give all players a chance to shine in different encounters. I also use quite a bit of home rules when it comes to combat as well as being a little looser with the rules in general as I usually end up running intro to the game style sessions.


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