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Anthony Vitale

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About me

Hi, my name is Anthony! I am 26 and I am a Boston based Dungeon Master, I have been playing D&D since I was little. I grew up playing with my dad who has been playing since the 70s, his best friend owns a local games and hobby store that we play multiple campaigns out of! I fell in love with the game and I have been actively DMing D&D for the past 9 years or so for different groups of friends, and have played almost every edition of the game. We have done 5 Full Campaigns in Faerun (Storm King’s Thunder, Waterdeep:Dragon Heist, Tales from the Yawning Portal, Tomb of Annihilations and Curse of Strahd). I strive to provide an amazing and detailed game to each and every one of my players to create a vivid and consuming experience. I am am comfortable with both roleplay heavy or combat heavy campaigns depending on what the party is more into! What I bring to the table: - High understanding of rules for 5e for all involved in the game. - Fully stocked Foundry with all of the 5e d&d books and supplements - Help with automating features and abilities for your characters. - Fully immersive sound tracks and voice modulator for different unique NPCs Why Should I Pay? - Here are some very good reasons to pay to play in this game: - Players who are as dedicated and invested in the game as you are. - Avoid the difficulty of getting into a game (we’ve all been there on Roll20). - I have created lots of player friendly macros to keep the game going at a fast pace! Will also help build any player macros as needed. - Access to all 5e material and books that have been paid for by me. - Good quality prep and gamemastering before each session. You will be challenged AND have fun!

GM style

I love all aspects of the game, especially bringing a character's backstory to life. I try to use voices and even use a voice modulating software for extra unique NPCs and villains'. I have a love of tactical strategy games so intricate and exciting combats are always a big part of my games.


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