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Greetings Puny Mortals! I am The Great and Terrible NecroMage, host of NecroMageTV on Twitch and YouTube, and I have been a professional game master for several years. I enjoy bringing new players into the hobby, exposing older players to games they might not be familiar with, and crafting long running storylines and adventure hooks around the player characters and their actions. The tone of my games generally ranges from irreverent comedy to psychological horror, often oscillating between those two poles at different points within the same campaign. I enjoy running longer, epic length campaigns, to really tease out story elements and moments between characters, and build something truly special with a group. My passion for DMing was originally sparked by my love of playing the villain, and I always look forward to making NPCs that my player groups eventually absolutely detest, who feel like adversaries worth conquering, and evils that need to be stopped. I think communication is of paramount importance when it comes to roleplaying, to make sure everyone playing enjoys themselves and feels safe. If you have any hard content limits let me know, and I will avoid that kind of material (e.g. I've had a player with severe Arachnophobia, and avoided using spiders as a result.) There is a big difference between the discomfort I aim to create with unsettling or horrific in game content, and making someone uncomfortable with playing the game itself, and I prefer to not even toe that line. I like to give my players input on the type of world they want to adventure in and the tone of the game taking place. I generally incorporate elements of player control into creating the world and it's fiction, both during a campaign's inception and as the game goes on. I also always strive to make the player characters feel like the main characters of their own story, but without making the world revolve entirely around them. I want PCs to feel empowered, but grounded within the world, so the decisions they make actually feel like they carry some weight and consequence. You will be allowed to fail in my games, and react to those failures in kind. They make the successes mean that much more.

GM style

Roleplay: Role-playing is the crux of this hobby for me, and as such I tend to structure my games in ways that encourage and enable players to act in character early and often. In my games you can generally expect: - Weird, wacky NPCs with big personalities and distinct voices. - A fiction-first mindset towards character interactions and diplomacy related skills. (e.g. High rolling dice won't turn spoken words into mind control.) - A "Yes, and" attitude towards players' interactions with the world and its denizens. - Lots of opportunities for small character moments, such as shopping, quiet moments during travel, or nights settling down in an inn or by a campfire. - NPCs that have their own agendas, whether opposed or aligned with the players, and will act off screen if the players aren't around to influence their plans. Combat: Most systems I run either have very light combat rules that get out of the way to allow role-playing to continue quickly, or are deep, chunky, tactical systems where mechanical customization and tactical play can stand out as the game's main appeal. Either way, when it comes to battle in my games you can generally expect: - Meaningful encounters. I don't rely on random encounter tables as even when just doing a fight feels appropriate for the flow of a game, I want those encounters to make sense for the story being told and potentially tie into the greater narrative. - Enemies that behave according to their character, using tactics, being fearless or cowardly as appropriate, and not every fight necessarily being to the death. - A decent challenge. I try to make most fights I run something actually threatening to the players, as I feel that if the players can't realistically lose, why bother playing out the combat at all. - Easy mop ups. When it is clear that the players have won an encounter, I don't think it's to anyone's benefit to stay in initiative order to shoot through a restrained zombies last 5hp from a safe distance over another 3 rounds and will call the fight, letting players decide the final moments of battle narratively.


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